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Charcoal Stereo Power Amplifier - 14 Day Web Return
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This page is intended to demonstrate the incredible value of our 6 Year Supercare. Under recent legislation, we are obliged to point out that you obviously do not need to purchase an extended warranty at the same time you purchase your electrical goods and are entitled to shop around. We have been encouraging our customers to do just that for years because, not only are our prices significantly cheaper than our competitors, but just look at what else we include:
Free loan machine (only if taken back to store)
Should you encounter a problem, just ask and you'll be provided with a unit to ensure you're not without music whilst your equipment is being fixed.
Like for like machine if unit is unrepairable
If, for any reason, we are unable to repair your unit, we'll replace it. Naturally, models do change so, while we can't guarantee that it will be the same model, we do guarantee that it will have equivalent specifications.
Free routine service / Maintenance checks
have your unit serviced as often as you wish, free of charge, during the 6 year period. (Normally excluded from extended guarantees).
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CLEARANCE - 14 Day Web Return - Excellent Condition

Take your system to the next level, with the high-end Roksan K3 Power Amp.

The perfect upgrade for your existing K3 amp

If you already own a K3 Amp then this power amp makes the ideal upgrade. There are two ways you can utilise the K3 Power Amp. Either use your existing amp as a pre-amp and run as a pre/power combo. This gives each section its own power supply and casing for enhanced detail and lower distortion. Alternatively, if you have bi-wirable speakers, you can use one amp to run the 'treble' and the other for the 'bass' in bi-amped mode. This greatly improves the speaker control and significantly broadens the sound stage. Buy a second K3 Power Amp and you can even tri-amp; giving astonishing control and resolution.

A flexible power amplifier in any system
As well as being the ideal match for a Roksan system, the K3 Power Amp works well with other brands, too. With a choice of RCA phono or balanced XLR inputs it's compatible with pretty much any pre-amp. It also features RCA phono and XLP outputs, letting you loop the sound through for more complex, multi-amp systems.

Generous power
With a power output of 140W per channel at 8 ohms, the Roksan K3 Power Amp has ample power for most speakers and room sizes. This power brings several advantages: the ability to drive all types of speakers with ease - even hard to drive ones. The K3 combo also has little trouble in filling large rooms with clean, powerful sound and finally, even with average speakers in small to medium-sized rooms the combo gives a taut, dynamic sound with a great sense of realism.

Quality with quantity
Even with its generous power, the K3 Power Amp is far from being just a one-trick pony. Featuring a symmetrical amplifier layout, high quality signal output relays and an improved power supply layout, the K3 also excels in terms of accuracy, detail and low noise. Whatever the type of music, the sound benefits from absolute clarity, broad sound staging and precise resolution.

Superior build quality
A great step up in terms of both style and quality, the Roksan K3 Power Amp is a much more sophisticated amp. Using a substantial and rigid new chassis, the K3 Power Amp weighs in at a hefty 14kg. It's this mass that provides excellent damping against mechanical vibration, so reducing the chances of distortion still further. Roksan has also streamlined the design, giving the K3 Power Amp a smarter appearance over the older models.

Boost your system to another league, with the Roksan K3 Power Amp.

Power Output
140 x 2
Maximum power output per channel - RMS into 8 ohms
Analogue RCA Inputs
Number of line level inputs, including front inputs, excluding phono stage input.
XLR Inputs
Number of XLR Balanced inputs. Ultra high quality connection.
Audio Outputs
Number of recording output(s). This is in addition to the line inputs.
Speaker Sets
Number of pairs of speakers the amp will run
Green Credentials
Power Consumption - Standby
This is the power used in watts when the unit is switched off but still powered at the mains and ready to be turned back on.
Power Consumption - Normal Use
800 (full power)
This is the power used in watts when the unit is on, using standard settings. Note, different manufacturers use different methods to arrive at this figure. In some cases only the maximum power consumption is quoted.
Power Output
140 x 2
Maximum power output per channel - RMS into 8 ohms
Frequency Response
3 - 100,000
Frequency response quoted by manufacturer
Power amplifier
Is this product a power amplifier? A power amplifier is the amplifying part of the amp without the control section for volume, source selection etc. Ideal for bi-amping and other high-end audio solutions, a power amplifier is often the sign of a serious system!
432 x 380 x 105
Dimensions of unit (W x D x H) mm
Weight of unit, unboxed, in KG