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CAMBRIDGE AUDIO 851A & 851N & 851C Black & Chord Clearway XLR 1M * 2
Stereo Streamer, Amp, CD and Cable Bundle
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This System includes a Cambridge Audio 851A Amplifier ( Black ) / Cambridge Audio 851C Black CD Player, Cambridge Audio 851N Network Streamer ( Black) and Chord Clearway XLR Cables ( 1 Meter)


"Extraordinary array of features; refined and revealing sound that puts musicians in the room... Smooth, svelte sounding amp with power."Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Class XD amplifier design

What makes this amplifier very special is the Class XD amplification. This combines the best qualities of Class A amplification - smoothness and realism - with the best from Class B - power and control, without the disadvantages inherent with many Class AB designs. What you'll hear is a smooth, yet detailed sound quality with the ability to drive almost any speaker and a substantial power output.

Massive toroidal power supply
At its heart, the 851A is powered by a massive toroidal power supply, which accounts for a third of its the weight. Not surprisingly the 851A has a monster power output: 2 x 120W into an 8 ohms and an awesome 2 x 200 watts into a 4 ohms. What this means in terms of sound quality is deep, effortless bass. Furthermore, such is the control and current that the 851A handles tricky dynamic sections, such as the sweep of a full orchestra with consummate ease.

Power with control
The 851A can do subtle, too. By using a separate toroidal power supply for the pre-amp section, the 851A ensures that pre-amplified signals arrive at the power amp stage in the best condition possible and so are brimming with subtle detail. Short of having a separate pre/power amp combo, this separate power supply is the next best thing.

Dual mono configuration
With separate taps for the left and right channel from the power supply, and separate left and right amplifier circuits, the 851A is a true dual mono amplifier. By having separate circuits for the left and right channels, each channel has its own, distortion-free feed. This brings about greater separation between instruments, greater width of sound and enhanced realism.

Plenty of connections
With no fewer than eight audio inputs, the 851A is capable enough to handle even the most complex of systems. XLR balanced connections offer a professional-grade connection with compatible equipment, such as the 851C CD player and Stream Magic 6 network player. Fixed level inputs make it easy to use the Azur 851A as the front amplification as part of a home cinema system, while the large display can be programmed to name your sources, so that, for example, the PlayStation 3 input is labeled, 'PS3' rather than 'Aux 3'.

Full metal casing
Using a full metal casing with rounded edges, doesn't just look and feel good, it helps the sound, too. The case is rigid and well damped, so it won't resonance unhelpfully. The thick aluminium front panel looks the part and also acts as a shield against electrical interference from sources such as dimmers and RF devices. All these details combine to create an amplifier that not only looks stylish but also offers exceptional resistance to both mechanical and electrical interference.

To experience music more vividly than ever before, the Cambridge Audio Azur 851A provides your front row seat.


"The newcomer is a rich and sophisticated sounding machine that delivers remarkable tonal depth from a good recording." Hi-Fi Choice Magazine.

The highest quality CD performance

If you've a treasured collection of CDs and are keen to keep increasing your collection, the Cambridge Audio 851C will get the very best out of the format. At the heart of the 851C is a 32-bit Analog Devices Black Fin DSP (Digital Signal Processor). This feeds two of its AD1955 24-bit DACs in dual differential formation, each handling just one channel for excellent stereo imaging. What you hear is an exceptionally unforced, natural sound. Instruments and vocals 'breath' with emotion and depth, the sound has colour, texture and fluidity for an uncanny a sense of realism.

AFT2 audio upsampling
The 851C also has an Anagram Technologies AFT2 24 bit/384 kHz up-sampling circuit. Up-sampling conventional CDs 'stretches' the format to give the highest resolution possible. It also aids standard 24-bit/192kHz recordings with a faster sampling rate for less jitter. Up-sampling gives a smoother, more relaxed sound quality with added detail. You'll also notice enhanced depth and a more natural quality without the 'edge' that can afflict digital music. You'll hear every detail, including the odd cough, squeaky chair and flutter of sheet music; in short, it's like being there for real!

Tailored sound
As we all prefer slightly different nuances of sound quality, the 851C comes with Cambridge Audio's triple filter system. Select from Linear Phase, Minimal Phase or Steep modes and you can subtly alter the sound quality. You might even find certain types of music sound better with a particular filter engaged.

A DAC for all your digital sources
The Cambridge Audio 851C not only has digital outputs but also comes with four digital inputs. What this means is that you can connect up sources via a choice of optical/coaxial for inputs 1 and 2 and XLR or USB. So pretty much any digital source with a digital output can have its sound improved by being connected into the 851C.

Digital pre-amp functionality
The Cambridge Audio 851C is not just a top quality CD player and DAC; it's also an impressive digital pre-amplifier too! Use digital inputs 1 and 2 to connect up your Blu-ray player, games console or any other source with a digital output and use the pre-amp to select the source and alter the volume/balance. Connect your PC or media device by USB, as well. Once processed, the signal is ready to go straight into a power amp or active speakers - making for a, very high quality minimalist system.

Extensive damping
Using a full metal casing with rounded edges, doesn't just look and feel good, it helps the sound, too. The case is rigid and well damped, so it won't resonant unhelpfully. The thick aluminium front panel acts as a shield against electrical interference from sources such as dimmers and RF devices. All these details combine to create a hi-fi component that not only looks stylish but also offers exceptional resistance to both mechanical and electrical interference.

Reinvigorate not just your entire CD collection but also all your digital sources - the Cambridge Audio 851C is a powerful tonic for a tired system.



”A premium music streamer with the performance to match.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ 2018 Product of the Year award winner.

Putting sound quality first

As Cambridge's range-topping network music payer you'd expect the Azur 851N to be pretty special under the lid, and that's exactly what it is! The highest quality sound comes from the use of audiophile quality components and tireless research and testing. As an 8-series design, the 851N uses a substantial toroidal power transformer at its centre. This enables clean, effortless power to be supplied to the other components, allowing them to give their best. High quality Analogue Devices AD1955 DACs (Digital to Analogue Convertors) are configured in dual-mono mode, ensuring maximum channel separation and precise sound-staging.

Fully equipped for High Resolution Audio
At the heart of the 851N is a brand new Zander processor that facilitates 24-bit/192kHz file high resolution streaming from most methods - even Wi-Fi. On top of this, the 851N is compatible with a huge range of high resolution files, including ALAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, WMA, MP3, AAC, HE AAC, AAC+ and OGG Vorbis. The USB audio input also enables streaming of up to 24-bit/192kHz audio and even supports DSD streams from your computer. Originally designed for SACD players, DSD (Direct Stream Digital) encoded music files offer the same detailed, transparent sound as other high resolution file formats, giving you even greater choice of listening.

851A Black

Brand Cambridge Audio
Colour Black
Analogue RCA Inputs 8
Phono Input No
MP3 Front Input No
Optical Digital Inputs No
USB Input No
XLR Inputs 2
Power Amp In No
Audio Outputs 2
Pre Output Yes
Sub Output No
Headphone Output Yes
Speaker Sets 2
Power Output - Watts per CH 120 x 2
Tone Controls Yes
Loudness Control No
Tuner Radio No
Remote Control yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 430 x 385 x 115
Weight (KG) 15
Power Consumption - Standby 1
Power Consumption- Normal Use 800
DLNA Compliant No
Wireless Connection No
Internet Radio Services No
Bluetooth No
Freq Response (Hz) 10 - 50,000

851C Black

Brand Cambridge Audio
Colour Black
Cd Memory Yes
Remote Control yes
Cd Text No
Cd Number Of Discs 1
Cdrw Playback Compatible Yes
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 430 x 360 x 115
Weight (KG) 10
Power Consumption - Standby 1
XLR Balanced Outputs Yes
Power Consumption- Normal Use 40
Coaxial Digital Input Yes
Optical Digital Input Yes
Gapless Playback Yes
Optical Digital Output yes
Coaxial Digital Output yes



Brand Cambridge Audio
Colour Black
Apple AirPlay Yes
DLNA Compliant No
High Resolution Audio Yes
Power Consumption - Standby 1
App Control Yes
Weight (KG) 8
Wireless Connection Yes
XLR Balanced Outputs Yes
Audio Inputs 6 (AES/EBU, coaxial x 2, optical x 2, USB)
Audio Outputs 4 (coaxial, optical, balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA)
Bluetooth Optional
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 430 x 360 x 115
Headphone Output No
Pre Output Digital pre amp
Remote Control yes
Smart Remote Control No
Smartphone control Yes
Tone Controls No
Tuner Radio Internet
XLR Inputs AES/EBU Balanced
Wi-Fi Built In yes
Text Display yes
USB Input 1